Summer skins are made in winter – have you heard this before?


Winter Skincare – It’s what you do now that will give you that gorgeous dewy, plump skin come spring.

During the cooler months our skin is more prone to become dry and flaky, this is because of those cold winter winds, indoor heating and we generally don’t drink as much water as our skin would like.

I know especially for my dry-skin readers the effects winter can have on our skins is very real.

For myself, when I don’t take extra measures to protect my skin during winter I end up with dry, flaky red patches on my skin and it’s just not pretty.

Let’s talk winter skincare and what you can do to avoid your skin becoming too dry this season.

Winterise your skincare regime now and you won’t have half the skincare problems you usually encounter come mid-July!


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Winter Evening Skincare Regime


Even though I’m going to go through each skincare step now, I have made this super easy for you to download my Winter Skincare reference sheet and save it to your phone. You’re welcome!


1. Cleanser

Cleanser – during the cooler months I suggest to swap your favourite foaming cleanser for a crème cleanser. Crème cleansers are gentle on the skin and will not strip the skin on all it’s natural oil.Using a cleanser formulated with Hyaluronic Acid will also help to bind extra moisture to the skin.

To ensure you give your skin a thorough cleanse, always double-cleanse if you’re not using a make-up remover or micellar water beforehand.


2. Toner

Toning always needs to follow cleansing. Using a toner will restore the skins natural pH balance which will benefit your skin whether it’s oily or dry. Often I hear of dry skins not using a toner because they’re worried that it’s stripping the skin of it’s natural oils, this is definitely not the case. Keep a sensitive skin happy by using a Toner that has been designed to calm the skin


3. Serum

Where all the magic happens! Serums focus on specific skin conditions so therefore different serums do different things. While some serums may be used together, others work best when used on their own. If you have more than one skin condition you want to focus on I suggest to use one specific serum during your morning regime and another during your evening skincare regime.

For example Moisturising System can be paired with any other serum, so I use this religiously morning and night. This one has a high concentrate of Hyaluronic Acid which really helps to bind my other serum/s and cremes to my skin and lock all that goodness in.

However when it comes to adjusting to my winter skincare regime, I like to focus on anti-ageing in my morning routine with my Platinum favourites and of an evening I focus more on nourishing my skin by using a Beauty Elixir


4. Eye Serum

Dehydration causes our skin to lose moisture, therefore resulting in those unwanted lines on our skin and particularly around the eye area. This means you will need to add a good eye serum to your winter skincare regime to stop this from happening. An eye serum is very different from an eye crème. Eye serums again target the skin condition of the eye area and then eye cremes target moisture levels. Also be aware that an eye serum should be able to be used on and around the eyelid and eye area because they do not contain moisture. Of course the two compliment each other so it’s best to use both an eye serum and crème.

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5. Moisturiser

More specifically an evening/night crème. There should be a difference between your day and night cremes because they are designed to do different things. For example more often than not your day crème will contain some form of SPF, whilst your night crème will usually contain higher concentrations of anti-ageing ingredients which can make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. Therefore you make sure you’re specifically using a night crème in your winter skincare regime. During the cooler season I go for a more Intense Night Crème for extra nourishment.


6. Eye Crème

Lock in all the work that your eye serum is going to do with a high quality eye crème. When applying an eye crème, apply to your fingertips and just gently pat the bone around your eye area. If you apply your eye crème too close to your eyes you could end up with irritated watery eyes. The skin around this area is also more delicate than the rest of your face and does not have any oil glands so you really want to be using an eye crème for this area and not just your regular day crème.


7. Face Oil

A face oil might not be for all skin types. If your skin type in oily/normal – oily, you might find that a serum and night crème paired together is enough. Dry skins will love a facial oil because of the extra moisture they deliver to the skin.

Anything that is an oil is best used of an evening because during the day no one wants to go out with oil all over their face, that’s just not practical. Nutri-Rich Oil is a great one. You can either mix a little with your night crème before applying or you can warm a little oil between your fingertips and just pat all over your face.

Nutri-Rich Oil isn’t just great for the skin on your face, this one is used in my household everyday by the entire family and even more so in winter. In fact there are over 30 uses for Nutri-Rich Oil


Winter Skincare Evening Regime

Weekly Treatments

A weekly exfoliation treatment and a weekly nourishing masque will also tie in really well with your winter skincare regime. Depending on your Skin Type will depend on whether you use an abrasive or non-abrasive exfoliant and what type of facial masque will best suit your skins needs.

If you are unsure of your skin type or you would like a complimentary online Skin Analysis be sure to get in contact below, I’m always up for a skin chat!



Adjusting your skincare routine for the cooler months is a must. Your skin will benefit from a specific winter skincare regime and the better you protect and nourish your skin in winter, the more your complexion is going to glow come spring/summer.


Winter Evening Skincare Regime – follow my 7 simple steps to ‘Winterise your Skincare Regime’


  1. Cleanser – Opt for a crème cleanser
  2. Toner – Restore the skins natural pH
  3. Serum – Hyaluronic Acid is your friend
  4. Eye Serum – Target lines/wrinkles
  5. Moisturiser – Look for a high quality night crème
  6. Eye Crème – The skin around the eyes has no oil glands
  7. Face Oil – For dryer skins and extra nourishment


If you haven’t already, make sure you save my little Winter Skincare guide to your phone!


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