Skin types & conditions with nutrimetics skincare


Knowing your skin type is like knowing your bra size – unless a professional has told you it’s basically guess work.


Knowing your skin type can bring you solutions to all kind of skin conditions including; sensitivity, dehydration, pigmentation/uneven skin tone, fine lines/wrinkles and blemishes/breakouts.

Because most skin conditions can be fixed by adding or removing products depending on your skin type.


My Skin Type


My name is Danielle and my skin type is dry.

I remember when I was first introduced to this wonderful world of nutrimetics. Once upon a time I hosted a nutrimetics party. My friends and I were all learning about our skin and the importance of a daily skincare regime. Being 21 I had pretty good skin but my skin was “sensitive” and easily irritated. Because of my sensitive skin I was recommended to try the Comfort Range. However I was adamant that I wanted to purchase the Hydrafinity Collection because it was pretty and pink (and being 21 that was what I thought was most important).

When my order arrived I was so excited to try my new products. Instantly after using my new skincare my skin felt tight and irritated and I thought I was having an allergic reaction. This is because I was using products that were not right for my skin type. Lucky for me nutrimetics have a 60-day return/exchange policy so I was able to get my Comfort Collection and my skin lived happily ever after…until ageing kicked in and I needed to up my product game!

You see, my skin just wasn’t getting what it needed from the pretty-pink Hydrafinity and by making the switch to the right nutrimetics skincare  for me and my skin type, the conditions disappeared.
Natalie, if you’re reading, do you remember this? Ha-ha what a long way I have come!




Know your Skin Type


You’re born with your skin type, it’s genetic. However, your skin type can change with age (generally leaning towards dry). There are 5 skin types and guess what? Sensitive is not one of them. Sensitivity falls under skin conditions (and that’s a whole other blog post) but the good news is skin conditions can be managed, if not eliminated completely. Skin types are diagnosed by the amount of oil the skin produces.


The 5 Skin Types;


Combination Dry (normal to dry)


Combination Oily (normal to oily)




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Your Skin Type is Dry if:


Your skin often feels tight, when you get out of the shower sometimes you feel like your face is going to crack. If you take a close look in the mirror the layers of your skin appear to be fine- meaning you’re prone to visible capillary damage. Your pores are not very visible, if they’re even visible at all. Redness and sensitivity can also be an issue for dry skins. The good news for dry skins is that because you’re not battling that excess oil production and don’t have to worry about excess shine.


Dry Skin Tips


Your skin loves a good nourishing moisturiser and a hydration or oil infusion facial is the TLC your skin is looking for. Using a high-quality serum or oil in your night regime can help to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin overnight. When it comes to dry skin and exfoliation – hold it! Exfoliation removes the skins natural oils and if you’re skin isn’t producing much then the skin is only going to feel tighter and become prone to more sensitivity. Use gentle abrasive exfoliants or non-abrasive exfoliants. In addition to using the right products for your dry skin, adding more Omega-3 into your diet can also help.



Your Skin Type is Normal if:


You’re genetically blessed! You probably don’t feel the need to wear a lot of make-up and are constantly complimented on your skin. Lucky you!! If you take a close look in the mirror your skin is clear, pores are normal size and oil production is in check. Your skin is easy to maintain and even when you experience a breakout it’s probably minimal.


Normal Skin Tips


I hate to burst your bubble, but even if your skin type is normal you still need to think about maintenance and protection. Think of everything your skin is exposed to daily, if you’re blessed enough with normal skin you want to keep it that way, right? A balanced diet and a balanced skincare regime should keep your skin in check. A perfectly normal skin isn’t that common, most people fall into the normal-dry or normal-oily categories.


Your Skin Type is Oily if:


Your skin feels oily and you’re constantly battling with that excess shine. If you take a close look in the mirror the layers of your skin appear thicker and your pores are visible and perhaps larger than you would like. Subsequently more prone to blemishes and breakouts and not usually sensitive. The good news for oily skins is that they don’t age as quickly as dry skins, keep lines and wrinkles at bay for that bit longer! That’s a win for the oily skin types.


Oily Skin Tips


Exfoliation is your skins BFF. Exfoliating twice per week can help to manage excess oil production too. Clay masques added in once per week can help with drawing out excess oil from the pores and help reduce pore visibility. When it comes to cleanser, cremes and even foundations think oil-free. Drinking more water and adding high-water content vegetables into your diet may also help (think cucumber, celery etc..). Oh, and I have a question for all the oily skins out there; are you toning?


I generally find people know if their skin is really oily or really dry. The confusion comes about when you start to talk combination-dry / combination-oily. An easy way to self-diagnose is to look for 3 things;

1. Pore visibility (remember the more visibly the pores the more oil production)
2. Skin texture (is it fine/prone to capillary damage or is the texture thick/course)
3. Breakouts (a regular occurrence or not really?)

By asking these questions and analysing the skin you will notice whether your skin is leaning more towards an oily or dry skin type.


What’s a Skincare Regime?


I believe we all need a daily and a weekly skincare regime. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but if you want to maintain a healthy-glowing skin, keep oil production and blemishes under control or soothe a dry and irritated skin, you need to have something in place. To keep your nutrimetics skincare simple this is generally what I recommend you start with and you can build on this later with serums etc…

Daily Regime – Cleanse, toner and moisturise morning and night.
We cleanse to remove dirt and excess oil then we tone to restore the skins pH (this is VERY important) and moisturise to replace lost moisture and to nourish the skin.

Tip: if you’re wearing make-up use a make-up remover before cleansing or cleanse the skin twice.

Weekly Regime – Masque and Exfoliant. Depending on your skin type will depend on how often.
We use masques for different reasons some to give the skin a deep cleanse/detox and others to nourish/calm/hydrate. Then we exfoliate to remove build-up of dead skin cells and to help keep the skin smooth and skin tone even. Again, it will depend on your skin type as to which products you need and how often they need to be used.




I hope this little guide helped you diagnose your skin type or if you’re working in the skincare field will help you in the future. At the end of the day knowing your skin type will benefit you not only when it comes to skincare and purchasing skincare but also choosing a foundation for your skin type. Knowing your skin type will help you create a good daily skincare regime and also help you determine which kind of exfoliants/masques you should be using and how often you need to add these treatments into your weekly skincare routine.

Hopefully the days of wasting money on the wrong skincare products are now behind you and you can be that bit more savvy when it comes to skincare purchases. I’d love to help you with a skin analysis.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have a better idea of your skin type now?

Danielle xx


Nutrimetics skincare product recommendations


What’s better than finding ridiculously amazing products for your skin?


A 20% saving on ridiculously amazing products!


If you’re a VIP with us then you know that you automatically gain a 20% discount, even when products are on sale. I put together a little list of recommendations for the different skin types so you can pop them on your Wishlist.


Recommendations Dry Skin



1. Nutri-Rich Oil 


Mix this in with your night crème to help boost and lock in hydration. You can also use this beautiful oil and treat yourself to a DIY Apricot Oil Infusion Facial. Nutri Beauty nutrimetics consultants can login here for your free PDF download


2. Ultra Care+ Moisturising System 


This product has been around with nutrimetics forever, once upon a time this little gem was known as ‘Bio Repair’. Reformulated over the years to become bigger and better, Moisturising System will replenish lost moisture and also help lock moisture into the skin. Use daily morning/night before your regular day or night crème (or both).


3. Restore, Comfort Plus 


For daily skincare maintenance look at the Restore or Comfort Plus. Comfort Plus if your skin is suffering from sensitivity. Restore is beautiful and is loaded with Anti-Ageing properties. I personally use a combination of Restore & Platinum daily. Restore can benefit all skin types depending on which set you’re looking at. Dry skins go for Restore Cleansing Crème and opt for the Restore Anti-Ageing SPF or Intense Anti-Ageing SPF Day Cremes.



Recommendations Normal Skin


1. Ultra Care+ Smart Shield Protection Crème SPF 50+ 


Blessed with good genes and trust me, you want to keep it that way. Remember when I said think protection? You and your skin are going to love this. Smart Shield has an SPF rating of 50+ which is alone is fantastic. However, this product also protects the skin from pollution particles and also protects the skin from the light that comes off all your screens – yes laptops, phones & tablets. This light is also incredibly damaging to the skin and in particularly can cause pigmentation – no thank you! Office workers love this product.


2. Ultra Care+ Clarifying Clay Treatment 


This one is great for normal and oily skin types. What I love about this product is that it delivers instant results. For normal skins this masque will give the complexion an all-over deep cleanse and glow and for oily skins this masque will clean and refine pores all in under 15 minutes.


3. Restore, Platinum 


For daily skincare maintenance look at the Restore or Platinum. You can opt for a foaming or crème cleanser depending on your preference (as a normal skin type you have this luxury lol). Same goes for your selection of Day Crème, you can opt for SPF or non-SPF. Platinum is the best of the best when it comes to nutrimetics skincare. Formulated with the latest anti-ageing technology (and of course in-line with our super strict, cruelty-free ingredient policy). Platinum encourages the skin to produce more collagen (and even if you know nothing about skincare you’ve probably know that collagen is a good thing, yeah?).


Recommendations Oily Skin



1. Ultra Care+ Micro-dermabrasion Kit 


Remember when I said oily skin types love a good exfoliation? This kit is another product that delivers instant results. Removing layers of dead skin cells leaving your skin instantly smooth and oil-free. This one is a two-step process; resurface and skin-renewal. Use this twice per week for best results.


2. Ultra Care+ AHA Complex Refining Solution 


I should have listed this one for ALL skin types, so if you’re still reading add this to your list. Dry skins will love this AHA-Solution as an alternative to an abrasive exfoliant. Oily skins will love the AHA-Solution as it removes layers of dead skin cell build-up, cleanse and refine pores and even-out skin tone, all over a 4-week period. Use this one at night time only in replace of your regular toner, yep it’s that easy!


3. Clear, Restore 


Restore can be great for oily skins. Be sure to select the foaming cleanser and also non-SPF moisturiser. The Clear Range is an excellent choice if you’re prone to breakouts and blemishes. Clear has been formulated for blemish-prone skins and I have found over the years a great range to maintain blemish-prone skins. One client in particular comes to mind, whilst her skin is now clear and has been for quite a few years now, this range keeps it that way. If she swaps to a different daily regime, she just doesn’t have the same results. It’s not always about ‘fixing skin’ but ‘maintaining skin’.



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