Let’s Clean

The entire world is in a cleaning frenzy right now. So much so that you cannot even get your hands on certain cleaning products! I feel that this blog post on cleaning couldn’t have come at a better time ha!

I’m actually dedicating this entire blog post to just a couple of my favourite cleaning products. In fact I’ll probably spend a good 50% of this post entirely on the topic of OLC. OLC (original lotion concentrate) was one of nutrimetics’ very first products. This amazing household favourite has been around for over 50 years.

I’m going to share a whole range of uses for this wonder product and some of my own little DIY cleaning hacks. When you clean your home with biodegradable, phosphate-free cleaning products you’re doing your bit for everyone.

You’re looking after your own health, the health of your family and you are also doing your bit for the environment. The goal is to keep your cleaning regime simple and your product selection to a minimum.


OLC (Original Lotion Concentrate)

OLC – The Original Lotion Concentrate This everyday household cleanser is made with Yucca Extracts & Botanical Surfacants. Free from the common nasty ingredients including phosphates, animal derived ingredients & cardboard fillers. You have piece of mind knowing you’re cleaning with a safe & gentle – yet effective product. From washing your fruit and vegetable to your dog, this all-in-one cleanser can pretty much clean anything.

Check out my OLC Cleaning Guide below.


OLC Cleaning Guide

OLC Cleaning Guide 2


Fruit + Vegetable Wash

I’ve been washing my fruit + veg since before it was cool and the COVID-19 pandemic. I totally get that It’s kind of hard to fathom that you can use the same product to wash your fruit and your dog. Trust me though, washing your fruit + veg is not just sanitary it improves the texture and taste of your produce. Washing with water alone will not remove the coating of pesticides, nor will boiling them in water. I did a little ‘live’ demo where you can see the difference in the texture and colour of the broccoli washed Vs unwashed.

Check out the video here


General Household Cleaning

You can save the little OLC Guides above to your phone for reference but basically OLC will clean just about anything. You can use it diluted or undiluted and with or without water. I also add some essential oils to my mix from time to time – depending on what I am cleaning. For example, when I’m mopping the floors I will always add a few drops of lemon or lavender just for the beautiful scent – even thought both of these oils have disinfectant properties. Washing the floors in OLC has always given me piece of mind that when my children were babies and crawling around, they weren’t ingesting any harsh chemicals.

Over the years I have also avoided buying ‘gentle cleansers’ for specific jobs. Like when you have a baby and you’re suppose to pre-wash all the newborn clothing in something special and gentle for newborns? I have always just used my OLC and our Fabric Softener (which is also free from animal fat). Same goes for bathing a newborn, theres one million different baby products out there and I have only ever (and still do) bath my girls in OLC. Whether we are at home, on holidays or camping, OLC is our favourite bubble bath. We’ve never had any nappy rashes, skin irritations or anything like that. I put it all down to the tried and tested OLC. After I got married I even used my OLC to spot clean my wedding veil and also my silk heels!


OLC Multi-Purpose Wipes

Then we have these babies – OLC Multi-Purpose Wipes

Conveniently pre-moistened with OLC these multi-purpose wipes provide instant clean-up anywhere, anytime. Environmentally friendly, Biodegradable, Dermatologically Tested, Alcohol FREE, Soap FREE, Phosphate FREE, No Animal Derivatives. Pop a packet in your car, they are a life saver. I’ve used these many times as baby wipes as well, although they are not as moist as your regular baby wipe. Excellent for general household cleaning and also amazing on glass.



CLC (Controlled Laundry Concentrate)

Another amazing product CLC – Controlled Laundry Concentrate

Everyone has their preference when it comes to washing powder/liquid. My preference has always been liquid, because back in the day I had many of episodes of white powder marks on black jeans and that used to just annoy me! Come to think of it, my old top loading washing machine wasn’t the greatest. Anyway, I found my love for laundry liquid which eventuated into a bigger love for CLC! There isn’t too much to say except, CLC also follows the same strict ingredient policy of OLC.

Free from phosphates, nasties and cardboard fillers. Did you even know this was a thing? Companies can bulk up their products with cardboard fillers which can be really terrible for your washing machine! CLC suits both top and front loading machines, it’s extremely concentrated and you can also used it for soaking heavily soiled/stained clothing. I never hand wash anything so I usually just pop a bit of Hevi-Clean into the pre-wash cycle if I need to.

Something I never really talk about, but I should. These products are both very economical. Both OLC + CLC are extremely concentrated and a little bit goes a long way. Not only does OLC replace basically every other household cleaning product you own. It will last you about one year, or close to. The CLC laundry liquid lasts us about 6 months or more we are a family of 4. I do at least 1 – 2 loads of washing per day. Think about the money you will save when you’re at the supermarket each week, two aisles you can basically just skip.


FSC (Fabric Softener Concentrate)

I mentioned this one earlier but only briefly. Everyone loves their sheets to have that beautiful scent and soft feel after they’ve been washed. Have you ever used certain fabric softeners and noticed your clothes almost have that greasy feel? This is from animal fat – which apparently is the main ingredient in a lot of softeners, because it’s what makes the clothes all nice and soft. Not only is this just gross, it’s also not good for your washing machine or the pipes. It’s not ‘fabric softener’ itself that isn’t good for your machine. It’s fabric softener made with animal fat.

FSC (Fabric Softener Concentrate) is free from animal fat and animal derived ingredients. Formulated with Vegetable extracts and Yucca Extract this one is the perfect partner to your CLC.



Whilst OLC has you covered for most of it, sometimes you need to pull out the big guns. That’s where Hevi-Clean comes into play. I mostly use Hevi-Clean for outdoor use. Like the BBQ area, around the pool, stuff like that. But it sure does have it’s indoor use as well. It’s amazing to use on anything greasy like the oven! I add it to the pre-wash cycle when I do my sheets, towels and/or whites. Soaking anything that needs some extra love. Spot cleaning. Again you can use this one diluted or undiluted, depends on the task.


Nutrimetics nutri-clean OLC CLC


Nutri-Clean Bundle

You’re in luck because I’ve got a bundle offer on at the moment (hence the post) which you can check out here and also add on Fabric Softener and Hevi-Clean if you wish to. Pop a few packets of wipes in as well, they are always handy!



So whilst we are all stuck at home in isolation and cleaning like maniacs, lets make sure we are using family-friendly, environmentally-friendly cleaning products! Don’t forget to save my OLC Cleaning Guide for reference and I’d love to hear if you find any other uses for OLC? All cleaning products are available online and the Nutri-Clean Bundle is available only whilst stocks last.


Danielle x