If you’re a fan of facial rolling then you’ll just love Gua Sha


It’s no secret that I am a fan of facial rolling. I’ve been using Jade Rollers for the last couple of years and I’m always raving about all the skin benefits! Now I have been most recently introduced to Gua Sha and I have to say I may love Gua Sha even more than rolling. Whilst I’ve been loving my Jade Roller to massage my skin and penetrate my serums deeper into my skin, Gua Sha has taken my idea of facial massage to a whole other level. Keep reading for your Ultimate Gua Sha Guide.


What is Gua Sha?


Gua Sha – pronounced [GWA-SHA] is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique used to treat all kinds of ailments from muscle aches to headaches to facial lifting. In TCM Gua Sha is intended to address stagnant energy called chi. It is believed in TCM that chi is responsible for inflammation in the body. Basically a Gua Sha tool is used to scrape the skin using long or short strokes to stimulate circulation.

When it comes to the skin, Gua Sha helps to lift and sculpt the face. It also stimulates circulation and can help your skins natural glow in many ways. Gua Sha tools for the face are generally made from gemstones. My Gua Sha tool is made from Rose Quartz which I love since Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. Jade is also another popular gemstone when it comes to Gua Sha tools. You can see my Gua Sha tool below, isn’t it just beautiful?


Gua sha guide


Skin benefits of Gua Sha?


I have been using my Gua Sha tool for just over one month now and loving the benefits. In fact yesterday I was having a facial with my Somatologist and she even complimented me on my skin saying it was looking more ‘plump’ than usual. This is thanks to my new found love of Gua Sha. Before I get into the skin benefits you need to know that this is so easy to use. Easy to use and still delivers impactful results, that’s the dream right?


Increasing your Flow

Have you heard of dry body brushing? This is something I have done for a long time (when I remember) however I have NEVER thought about dry-brushing when it comes to my face. Body brushing supports your lymphatic flow and helps the body get rid of toxins. Increasing the lymphatic flow on your face can help with acne and blemish-prone skins in a huge way. Flush away those toxins girl!


Nutrient Delivery

When we massage the skin we boost the circulation of blood flow. Increased blood flow = increased oxygen & nutrients delivered to the skin. Boosting the circulation can also help relieve muscle tension, do you hold tension in your jaw? Around your eyes? Gua Sha is the perfect little tool to help relieve you and your face of this unwanted tension!


Visible Benefits

Stimulating the blood flow and eliminating toxins from the skin results in many benefits including;

  • Brighter skin tone
  • More even skin tone
  • Reduced puffiness
  • Reduced breakouts
  • Lift & Tone
  • Decrease fine lines & wrinkles


How to use Gua Sha?


Relax, Gua Sha is easy and you can’t stuff it up! I like to do this on the lounge after my shower at night. I literally tone my skin in the bathroom and take my serums and cremes with my Gua Sha tool into the lounge room. Sometimes a glass of wine can be seen as well! I also have a little diagram you can download here

There are different types of Gua Sha tools but for one like mine follow these steps;

  1. Use product – you need to use a serum or face oil before you start your facial massage. This will ensure your Gua sha tool slides across the skin and doesn’t cause any friction.
  2. Long, slow strokes. Stroke your Gua Sha tool across your cheek down and around your jaw line.
  3. Stroke your moves towards your lymph nodes. Remember when I spoke about flushing away the toxins? You do this by moving the lymphatic fluid towards the closest lymph nodes. These are around your ears and under your chin. Stroke and ‘lift’ up your neck towards the nodes under your chin and across the d√©colletage and stroke down towards your armpits.
  4.  Repeat strokes 5 Р10 times and use your Gua Sha for 5 minutes or so a day.
  5. Relax, unwind and love you.



Cleansing your Gua sha tool


I cleanse my Gua Sha tool with a tiny bit of cleanser just before I use it, however I also like to cleanse the energy of my Gua Sha since it’s made from Rose Quartz. You have a couple of options here. I keep my Gua Sha with a Selenite crystal as this ensures the energy is cleansed and fresh always. You don’t need to do this, you can also cleanse the energy from your Gua Sha with some sage or under the moonlight of the full moon once a month.


Where to buy Gua Sha?


Gua Sha is very popular at the moment and widely available. I got my Gua Sha tool as a gift with my new IRYNA skin collection. If you want to see a sneak peak of what’s to come from IRYNA you can check it out here I also highly recommend the IRYNA Beauty Elixir to use with your Gua Sha. I’ve been using a alternating between the IRYNA Beauty Elixir and the Apricot Elixir when using my Gua sha. IRYNA Beauty Elixir will become available from August 16th so if you want to go on the waitlist you can do that here




Gua Sha is a form of facial massage that’s used to eliminate toxins from the skin, increase circulation and sculpt/lift the skin. Skin benefits of Gua Sha include;

– Brighter skin tone
– Reduced puffiness
– Reduced breakouts
– Lift & Tone
– Decrease fine lines & wrinkles

Generally Gua Sha tools are inexpensive and easy to use compared to other forms of facial massage and sculpting that require a professional. Personally I love my Gua Sha and the new little ritual I’ve introduced to my skin regime. I highly recommend giving it a go to enhance your glow!


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