Sunday Night Beauty Regime


Do you have one?


It’s obvious that I am a little beauty obsessed, so of course I have a regime that I follow! However, my Sunday night regime is that extra bit special, I feel it really sets me up for the week, makes me feel a little more confident and ready to tackle my week ahead. It doesn’t have to be full on or take loads of time, here’s 3 ‘user-friendly’ products I am absolutely crushing on from Nutrimetics at the moment.

Clarifying Clay Treatment

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good clay masque? Leaving your skin super soft with visible pore reduction this wonder product will literally have your skin glowing in under 10 minutes! Formulated with Kaolin Clay & Black Rice Powder this multi-active product detoxes and removes dead skin cells all at once! You can feel and see the product working while it’s on your skin, pretty amazing yeah?

Nutri-Rich Lip Polish

This gorgeous exfoliating sugar scrub is formulated with the iconic apricot kernel oil- so it’s no secret why I am loving this one! Super easy to use, simply apply to your lips and using small circular movements you will remove dead skin cells whilst nourishing your lips at the same time. The only precaution that comes with this product is that you will want to eat it! Smells absolutely delicious and if you happen to get some on your tongue you will be able to taste the sugar. Lipstick application will be smoother than a babies bum in the morning.

Youthful Beauty Supplement

This is actually something you take internally (I know, even easier right?). Although I am taking this everyday now, when I first started using I just slipped it into my Sunday night regime. This pretty little sachet is loaded with vitamins & minerals so it’s obvious there’s going to be some sort of benefit to your skin. However, this ‘Beauty Supplement’ is also formulated with amino acids; which product peptides internally, which will then produce more collagen (internally). The visible effects of this will not only show firmer skin on your face- but all over your body, winning! Currently available in a carton of x 20 sachets for $79.00 (or contact me for special offer).



Pop on your Clay Masque, exfoliate your pout and mix up a ‘Beauty Supplement’ sachet and by the time you have consumed your miracle mix your masque will be ready to remove. All under 15 minutes- I’m all about quick, easy and most importantly, effective!
Monday won’t seem so bad when you wake up a beauty in the morning!
Click on any of the links below to find more information on these amazing products. You can shop directly online (Australia only) or feel free to contact me for current deals.

Until next time,

You Glow Girl,

Danielle xx

Detox Skin with Clarifying Clay Masque

Glowing Skin with Youthful Beauty Supplement

Smoother Lips with Nutri-Rich Lip Polish