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A New Baby and a Skincare Routine. Can the two even coexist?

Nothing prepares you or your skin for the sleep deprivation that comes along with your little bundle of joy. I remember when my first daughter was born I found a new level of appreciation for my Platinum Serum – I mean, seriously I felt like my skin aged 5 years overnight!

Now I know a skincare routine is probably the last routine you’re trying to get into with a new baby, and even I, a self-confessed skincare junkie let my daily regime slide for the first few weeks of Indies life and basically as soon as I had the chance to look at my skin in the mirror properly I quickly got my priorities back in order!

That’s me though, I’m totally committed (maybe slightly obsessed) with looking after my skin and lucky for me I have everything I need right at my fingertips, the perks of running a beauty business hey.
That’s me though, and not everyone has a never-ending supply of every skin serum, masque & treatment you could possibly need. If there were only 3 products I could recommend to every new Mama bear, this is what they would be.


#1 Platinum Tight, Firm & Fill Serums

If you’re looking for a quick-fix that is actually going to deliver results and a skincare regime is the last thing on your mind, then these two are for you. Together this duo is going tight, firm and fill the lines on your face instantly – well, within about 30 minutes you will see the magic starting to happen.

There’s two serums, one for your face and then one for your eyes, now unlike an eye crème this eye serum can be applied right underneath and around your eyes and on your eyelids too, the roller ball applicator makes this one super easy to use too. Say goodbye to those crows-feet and puffy eyes. This wonder eye serum works even faster than the face one, see visible results in just 15 minutes! The face serum also makes a great (actually the best) face primer too because it really fills in those fine lines.


# 2 DD Crème

Basically this one is just like a tinted moisturiser on steroids. 8-in-1 Benefits; this little baby is anti-ageing, hydrating, brightening, firming, soothing, minimises pores, evens skin tone and leaves the skin with a matte-glow finish. You don’t even need a colour match, this is a one-size-fits-all designed to blend with your natural skin tone. The DD Crème gives light coverage and leaves the skin with a flawless effect. No parabens so the skin can breathe easy as it doesn’t block the pores. So easy to use, you don’t even need a mirror because it’s designed to just blend in with your natural skin tone.


#3 Nutri-Rich Oil

Great for Mum and bub. With the oil of over 100 apricot kernels in each 60ml jar the Nutri-Rich Oil can be used for any postpartum scaring, dry skin, stretch marks, cracked nipples and anything that needs a little nourishment. For baby this is amazing for cradle cap, nappy rash and again any dry or irritated skin. This product is just beautiful and it also seems to last forever even though it has over 30 uses! A must have for any new Mama and is always a win for a unique baby shower gift!



There you have it, my 3 (well 4, but let’s just say the Platinum Duo is one because the two really should be used together for the best results) must have products for every new Mama. It’s important that us Mums make a little time for ourselves, even if it’s only a few minutes here and there because when we feel good everything else doesn’t seem so hard.

You can even pop these in your baby bag for when you’re on the run; DD Crème you can quickly add some coverage for that unexpected shop run, Platinum Eye Serum for a quick fix and Nutri-Rich Oil should just be in your baby bag anyway, you can even get the travel size ointment which comes in a convenient tube rather than a tub!

Second baby, everything is easier though, my skin hasn’t missed out on much TLC at all. The broken sleep that comes with a newborn is obviously still going to show a little, however if you start pumping that Platinum Serum and your sleep deprivation wont show in your face.


So, can a new baby and a skincare routine coexist?

The answer is YES, they can – even if it’s just a partial routine to begin with!


You can read more about each product below and shop online via the link (Australia only).

Platinum Serums

Nutri-Rich Oil

Until next time,

You Glow Girl,

Danielle xx


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