nutrimetics International Seminar 2017


Every year we travel (for free) to an amazing city and celebrate our work for the previous year. This year we went to New York City! What a dream come true. This was my 5th overseas experience with nutrimetics and I have to say – the best one yet. Now it is back to reality for me (which lets be honest isn’t that bad). Indie and the dog are both taking a nap today and I’ve taken the opportunity to write and share a little of my New York experience. If you haven’t already been to New York, you must go.

Welcome to USA


8 days on American soil, 8 fulfilled days and by fulfilled I mean full in every possible way. I am still so tired I feel like I could sleep for a week, worth every wink of sleep missed. Every trip I have ever been on with nutrimetics has been absolutely amazing and the things I have been able to experience on each trip are all so amazing and different in their own way. Travelling to New York City literally feels like a dream come true because with nutrimetics everything is just next level amazing.

New York City. Intercontinental Barclay

San Francisco


We started out in San Francisco a 3 day pre-option to our New York trip. Spring in San Francisco is really pretty, gardens and flowers everywhere. The Lombard gardens are gorgeous, we walked all the way up the street parallel to Lombard to take photos and then walked down Lombard- The Crookedest street in San Francisco. I love the architecture too, all the painted ladies.


Golden Gate Bridge


Across the Golden Gate Bridge and down to Sausalito for lunch on the water, I also bought some beautiful rare crystals in Sausalito. Caught the ferry to Alcatraz Island, lucky we bought our tour tickets months ago otherwise we would have been lining up on the pier at like 6:00am. We had beautiful weather while we were there, until the sun went down and then it got quite chilly. Alcatraz was awesome. I love how much you learn about history when you travel. You can do a night tour of the prison but I wasn’t too keen on that! Again, beautiful gardens on the island.



Dinner in a cute little Italian restaurant on the water. Pier 39 and all the seals that home there, it’s so funny all you can hear is like 50 seals barking. They have all these cute little herb and flower gardens along the pier. The cable cars, they are so fun. There’s still 3 lines that run I think, they are definitely the way to get around.
My Nutri-Rich Oil, Lip Treatment and Nutri-Rich Ointment saved my lips from the cold San Francisco winds!




New York City

Welcome to New York City! We arrived at The InterContinental Barclay, skipped check-in, walked into a room picked up our keys from nutrimetics staff and headed to our room. We were given two orange envelopes marked ‘dinner allowance’  with $25 inside each one. You see, when you travel with nutrimetics they think of everything. When we got to our room we had some gifts on the bed including two Tupperware bowls filled with typical American snacks, Hersheys chocolate, nuts, popcorn and a big red apple. I loved our room, nice and spacious. We put our allowance to good use and had a really nice dinner in a Bistro and a few drinks after in the hotel lobby Gin Bar.


NYC Highlights


What do you do in New York? 5 days is not really a lot of time but you would be surprised what you can fit in! First morning we had welcome breakfast hosted by Linda and the rest of the nutrimetics staff, so on top of everything they paid for already we were given a New York pass each (the New York pass is amazing, entry into pretty much everything, including tours, plus skip all the ticket lines).

Brooklyn Bridge


We packed so much into our 5 days. We walked and walked and walked everywhere, I think we probably averaged around 20km per day. Times Square, amazing, photos really don’t do it justice. On the first day we walked from Times Square to the bottom of Manhattan, then across The Brooklyn Bridge and caught the ferry back to midtown. Our first full day in New York was a busy one.

5th Avenue


Cocktails on nutrimetics at this gorgeous roof top bar on 5th avenue that had the BEST view. The Raspberry Mojitos weren’t bad either! Actually we had a really nice dinner at this little Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village that had the most delicious pumpkin ravioli I had ever tasted oh and I had my first cannoli, yum!



Roof top bar. NYC


9/11 Memorial

We visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and paid our respects. This would have to be one of my top highlights and I would also visit again. Whilst it is all incredibly sad they’ve done an amazing job and it’s beautiful.


Yankees Game

What’s one of the most American things you can do in New York? A Yankees game! Weeks before our trip, nutrimetics gifted us with yet another surprise- we had the option to see a Yankees game or a Broadway Show, there was no question, baseball for sure! It was really cool, they put us in the Jim Beam suite and we fit right in with our new lids.


NYC Yankee Stadium


Nutri & the City


Nutrimetics gave us these postcards and we could opt to play in ‘nutri and the city’. Basically if you visited certain places at certain times you would get stickers and prizes for example if you made it to Eataly within the time frame they shouted you gelato, things like that. Focaccia and gelato at Eataly is a must for any foodie.

Then, when you collected 7 stickers over 4 days you went in the draw to win Tiffany & Co vouchers, pretty awesome. We only got 4 stickers each, we didn’t make it to places on time haha, but we had fun such a good idea.


Central Park


Central Park is just like it is in the movies, except you really have no concept of how big it is until you are there. Squirrels everywhere and turtles enjoying the sunshine on the rocks around the lakes.
Top of The Rock- the view is even better than imagined.



Central Park




We did a little shopping but not much, too many things to do! I did get a gorgeous bag from Michael Kors for my birthday though, so excited about that purchase. Basically we spent a small fortune on Indie at the Disney store and lets just say she forgave us pretty quickly for going on a holiday without her.


Comedy Club


We went to the new LOL Comedy Club (also got in for free with our New York passes) which was heaps of fun and the comedians were actually funny. The two drink minimum wasn’t a problem. We pretty much ended every night with a night cap at the Gin Bar in our hotel lobby, the charge to your room can be a little dangerous though.


Dinner Cruise


I feel like it all went so fast, but when I look back now we did so much. Our last night in New York was pretty amazing, we went on a dinner cruise, the food was delicious and we watched the city sparkle at night and also got nice and close to The Statue of Liberty.

Nutrimetics Seminar New York City.




I absolutely loved New York and I am so grateful that I was able to go on this trip courtesy of nutrimetics with my husband! Every year these holidays just get better and better, not a bad reward for just doing my job. I wonder where the next trip will be?

In 2018 we celebrate 50 years of nutrimetics, it will be the seminar not to be missed. I know I say this every year but seriously I don’t know how they could top New York! Thanks again nutrimetics.

Imagine working in a job that you not only love but also includes a free luxurious holiday every year.

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Until next time,


You Glow Girl,


Danielle xx


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