Enjoy the holidays


How good are the holidays? I just love a good holiday. Sometimes I feel like when you don’t actually go on a holiday in the holidays you don’t enjoy yourself as much, do you know what I mean?

Like your daily routines and chores are all still there ready to be done and if you’re anything like me you just end up doing ‘extra’ cleaning. Can you relate? These Christmas holidays I really wanted to make our ‘staycation’ as much of a vacation as possible. Even though we didn’t really go anywhere, after two weeks of sleep-ins, pool hangs, yummy food, catch ups with friends and my fair share of vitamin D, and I have enjoyed every minute!

I am so routine, if you know me even the slightest you would have picked up on some of my OCD tendencies! Routine is really what keeps me going, I definitely function best when my weeks are planned out! Monday-Friday routine is a must to make sure I fit in all the activities that come with being a Mum and running a business. 

These holidays I ditched all my routines completely and simply just enjoyed my family and our home. Other than Christmas day we pretty much had no plans and I just love that feeling of ‘no plans’. It can just be so nice to explore your own backyard and enjoy the little things, beach days, brunches, reading, hot chip sandwiches and ice-creams. Indie just loves having Nick home from work too. Our last Christmas as a family of three before baby Millar arrives in July!



Fresh and focused



You have to have balance. It is so important to take time-out, time-out from the daily grind so you can rest, refuel and restore. I really made it a priority over the holidays to nourish my body physically and mentally so I wasn’t starting the year feeling blah. Although I over-ate and did zero exercise I made sure I was juicing daily and adding loads of fresh food into my diet. I gave myself facials and pampers and spent loads of time lying on the grass or floating in the pool just doing nothing. I caught up on a few good reads and had plenty of time to think and start making plans for 2018! I’m fresh and focused and I’m ready to jump back into work, not because I have to but because I choose to. I have huge plans for this year and I am just so excited!


Find your Mojo



Get yourself a good book. I can recommend ‘Wake up to the joy of you’-Agapi Stassinopoulos this was actually a gift to me this Christmas and I loved it, a very easy read too. I also love (and have read a few times) ‘Life lessons from the monk who sold his Ferrari’-Robin Sharma. There seriously is nothing like the inspiration that comes from within after a good read.



Just by introducing one little extra healthy habit into your daily routine will give you an instant pick me up. It could be to drink more water, or introduce a daily juice/smoothie or to go for a walk. One good healthy habit leads to another! 



Do you know what makes you tick? Do you have any short term goals? Nothing builds self-confidence like smashing a goal. Big or small it doesn’t matter. Challenge yourself, get that excitement flowing!
Reflect and ask yourself why you work for the things you do? Are you enjoying what you do? I know that I do what I do so I can be the best Mum and wife as possible to my family. Lifestyle is definitely my hot button and is what drives me. I want to be the creator, not be created. Looking back on 2017, all of my highlights involve my family. So this year, my goal is to keep on doing what I’m doing and working with amazing people so I can continue to live my best life. 


Taking time out for yourself is so important. Make sure you enjoy your downtime so you can be at your best when it counts. Fill yourself up with the good stuff, mentally, physically and emotionally. Read a good book, introduce new healthy habits and set goals and intentions for the coming year ahead.


Until next time,


You Glow Girl,


Danielle xx


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