Skin Sins – Say goodbye to these 5 sins for a Glowing Complexion


I must admit I have been guilty in the past – until I fell in love with Nutrimetics skincare and my skin! Eliminate some of these sins and get your skin back to glowing.


Skin Sin #1 Washing your face with soap?

I know it can be easy to just wash your face with ‘whatever’, but this really doesn’t do any favours for your skin. Unless you’re incredibly blessed with good genes chances are your skin isn’t looking or feeling that great right now. When you’re not cleansing your skin properly you end up with clogged pores and a nasty build-up of dead skin cells.

If your complexion is appearing a little ‘dull’ it’s in need of a deep & thorough cleanse. Inspired to get yourself a decent cleanser? Then just make sure you purchase one that suits your skin type. If you have no idea what your skin type is, I can totally help you with a skin analysis


Skin Sin #2 Turning the heat up in the shower?

This is me 100%
I love a hot shower and I know I’m not alone on this one. Hot water directly on your face is a big NO because this can cause redness & capillary damage. It is also very drying to the skin- and we don’t want that!

Little tip –  you can still turn the heat up in the shower just avoid the extra hot water running directly on your face/décolletage area. When it comes to cleansing your face just lower the temp a bit and use a face washer (like a nice bamboo one) the skin will absorb less heat this way.


Skin Sin #3 Not washing off your make-up before bed?

It can be tempting to jump into bed without removing make-up, but much like point 1. Unless you’re incredibly blessed with good genes chances are the effects of this are showing in your skin!

When we sleep our skin loses its moisture and as a result it will try and absorb any moisture it can from its surface.

If you’re not removing your make-up before bed it’s being absorbed into your pores. This will lead to blocked pores, congestion and even break-outs. Ensuring you remove your make-up at the end of the day will prevent this. You brush your teeth before bed yea? (I hope so!) take an extra few minutes to give your skin a good cleanse, tone & apply good intense night crème.


Skin Sin #4 Exfoliating your face like your scrubbing the shower

Another popular one! I often ask this question when I’m running a skincare workshop. I think its human nature to just assume that the more force (or more product) we use at time of exfoliating the better job it’s going to do. Uh NO! Girls you are not scrubbing the shower, this is your face, a very delicate part of you. Let the product do its job and follow the instructions.

Scrubbing too hard doesn’t just ‘remove more dead skin’- you will remove skin that shouldn’t be removed and end up again with capillary damage. For my dry-skin friends out there you will find that your skin will benefit from just a light exfoliation when it comes to your cheeks (trust me on this, dry-skin over here) or even using a non-abrasive exfoliant like a toner or crème made with AHA.


Skin Sin #5 Drinking from a water bottle or using a straw

Who else constantly carries around a bottle of H20?
Me too! My Mama told me this one; drinking from a bottle with a small opening (or drinking from a straw) will cause the same lines and wrinkles as if you were a smoker- no thank you.

Fine lines & wrinkles don’t need any extra encouragement –  who’s with me on this? Instead, if you are at home drink from a glass (coming from the girl who now permanently has 2 – 3L of cold pouring water in the fridge) or opt for a drink bottle with a large opening.

Looking after your skin isn’t just about product, although it does play a huge role. All these little life-hacks I’ve mentioned can help your complexion too. If you are needing some help with a skin analysis or if you’re wanting some product advice, I’d be more than happy to chat. See some useful links below.


Danielle x


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